Live Promotion


     One of the oldest methods of promotion in instagram is massfollowing, many smm-specialists call it obsolete and not effective, but this is only if you do not know how to properly configure it. With proper configuration, you can achieve a percentage of mutual subscriptions from 10% to 30%, given that many experts can offer a maximum of 2-3%. Our company has been setting up this service for more than 3 years, and we can guarantee a qualitative audience increase for your instagram.

     The cost of services per month is 40$.
      To place an order email us [email protected]

Target advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories

     We offer setting up and management of advertising campaigns, millions of target customers will see your advertising, you can choose an audience right up to the city area and a person’s hobbies.
     Of the options are:

  • Advertising post on Facebook feed
  • Facebook Fan Page AD
  • Advertising post on Instagram feed
  • Advertising post on Instagram stories
     The cost of services from 2$ per day.
      To place an order email us [email protected]

Automatic direct messages for new followers

     One of the newest ways to promote instagram. If you have a company profile, you can set up a welcome message for new subscribers, which significantly increases the probability of making a purchase or ordering a service.
     Or, via direct, you can set up an automatic mailing to the subscribers of competitors, in order to attract them to your account.
50 messages are sent per day from one account, the opening percentage reaches 90%.

     The cost of services per month is 40$.
      To place an order email us [email protected]